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Summary: Justin has just gotten his summer break and wants to go away on vaction somewhere, so Brian decides to take him to a little town in Cong, Co Mayo Ireland.

Along the way they meet some very nice folks that they like, icluding two hot guys that they can't seem to resist. Let's join the boy's as they explore Cong, the place where one of Brian's fave Irish films of all time was made...The Quiet Man.

(In Order Of Appearence)
Gale Harold - Brian Kinney
Randy Harrison - Justin Taylor
Gabriel Byrne - Liam
Brenda Fricker - Sinead
Fiona Shaw - Eileen
Robert Sheehan - Ruairi
Orla Brady - Waitress
Bronagh Gallagher - Mary
Aiden Gillen - Tom
Colin Farrel - Doyle
and Liam Neeson - Shop Owner

Disclaimer: I don't own Queer As Folk or anything to do with it. I play with Brian and Justin for my amusment and the other cast members are just borrowed. Yea, Everyone in my story is borrowed.

Rated: For 18+ please

This story is dedicated to Laura here on Livejournal
(you know who you are sweetie)

Justin lay across the sofa feeling bored, playing with a rolled up pair of socks on the first night of his Summer break, when Brian disturbed him from his thoughts, “What do you look so happy about?”

“Nothing,” Justin mumbled, and resumed twirling the socks in his hands.

“Uh huh. You look like you lost a million dollars and found a penny. So what gives?” Brian asked, and sat on the edge of the sofa after lifting Justin’s feet and placing them on his lap.

“Today is the first day of summer break, and already I’m bored out of my fucking mind. My mates at PIFA all have plans for some great big outdoor adventure in the Alps, and I am stuck in the boring Pitts with no plans what-so-ever.

It really sucks, Brian. I’m only twenty years old, I want to do something as exciting as them this year,” Justin said, in a whiny voice.

“Well, we could fuck outside the local police station, that would be exciting,” Brian suggested.

Glaring at Brian, Justin said, “Yea, and spend the rest of my summer break in prison. Great idea, Brian.”

“Or, we could go to Ireland. I always wanted to go there, and do some exploring. We could fuck in every location we are in. How’s that for a suggestion?” Brian asked.

That’s when Brian found himself with his arms full of blond happiness, “Really? Ireland? Hell yea, I always wanted to go there too. Mom and dad went before I was born to Dublin and said one day they would take Molly and I, but they never did. Wow, you’re amazing Brian,” Justin said, before showing Brian just how much he thought so.

After a leisurely appreciation fuck on the sofa from Justin, both men decided to have a shower, and another fuck in there, and go to bed. Tomorrow Brian would need to get Cynthia to make all the necessary arrangements for their vacation to Ireland.

The Next Morning

Brian rolled his eyes and sat further back in his chair, “No Cynthia, I said Dannaghers Hotel. It’s in Cong, Co Mayo Ireland. Cong kind of straddles the border of County Galway. But it’s more towards County Mayo I think. I want reservations for two, I’m taking Justin,” Brian told his assistant.

“Justin is going?” inquired Cynthia, “I thought it would be something you would have taken Gus to, or perhaps Michael.”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but Justin wanted to go some place for his summer break. He has friends that are heading to the Alps and I guess he wanted to blend in, so to speak. I figured that since I had always wanted to go to where one of my faverouite Irish movies was made, this would be a great place to go. I can afford to take a week or so off now, since I’m a partner and tell me why I need to tell you all this?” Brian asked jokingly.

“You don’t,” replied Brian’s wonderful assistant. Cynthia had worked for Brian for many years at Ryder’s, and Brian trusted her with everything.

“Good, glad to know that,” Brian told her, “Just Google all the places of interest and send me an email. I’m pretty sure we can explore on our own time without being taken on tours with those pathetic tour guides,” Brian said.

“Uh huh, I’ll get right on that Brian. Anything else?”

“Yea, get me a latte from that café a few blocks up, please,” Brian requested.
“Coming right up, boss.”

Later That Evening At Brian’s Loft

“Isn’t Cong in County Galway?” Justin asked.

“It’s on the border of County Galway and County Mayo, but on a map it say’s it’s in County Mayo,” Brian replied, while kissing his way down Justin’s neck.

“Oohh, don’t stop doing that Brian. I love it,” Justin all but purred.

“How about this”? Asked Brian, and reached his hand inside Justin’s pants.

“Now my cock is really hard, suck it for me Brian,” Justin demanded.

“If you say so, I guess I could try it,” Brian said jokingly, before getting to the task.

After a very hot blowjob given and received, Brian spoke of the plans he had made, “I want us to go to Cong, Justin. It’s in Co. Mayo. It’s actually where one of the greatest movies ever made was filmed; called The Quiet Man. Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne were in it. We watched it last year I think. Anyway, would that be ok with you?” Brian asked, some time later.

“As long as it’s a vacation with plenty of fucking, I don’t care where you take me,” Justin informed Brian.

The following days saw the boy’s getting ready for their vacation to Ireland. Flights were arranged, accommodation and other bits and pieces too such as guidebooks and the best places to eat.

“I think that’s everything,” Brian said, grabbing his carryon and locking up after he and Justin left the loft.

A flight had been arranged to take them from Philadelphia to Dublin, where a car had been booked for Brian to drive them to Cong in Co Mayo. Cynthia had insisted to the vehicle company that they put a map in the car for Brian too, which they would happily see to since she gave them a big tip.

All was set

The drive to the airport didn’t take very long, and while Justin decided to take a short nap Brian spoke on the phone with Lindsay, “What do you mean Gus wants to be a black belt in Karate and wants lessons? Of course it’s crazy he’s only five. Tell him to skip the lessons and you’ll get him the belt. No, Justin’s sleeping at the minute but I’ll tell him you said that. Of course I won’t fuck him anywhere I‘m not supposed to. Thanks Wendy, you too. Bye.”

Brian thought the trip to the airport was boring; Justin had fallen asleep the minute the motor started running. Falling asleep wasn’t unusual for Justin to do at any given time; Brian always said the younger man could probably sleep standing up.
When they finally arrived, Justin woke up as quickly as he fell asleep, “Sorry, I guess I was tired,” he told Brian, who was just getting out of the huge cab that they were in to retrieve their luggage from the boot.

“I sometimes think you could probably sleep standing up,” was Brian’s reply, “Now help me get the luggage out, so we can get up in the air. It’s going to be roughly seven hours up there, so I hope you packed plenty or charcoal and paper,” Brian continued to say, as he paid the driver.

“I don’t usually use charcoal unless I am working on pieces for school, but I have plenty of white paper, pencils, sharpeners and rubbers,” Justin told Brian.

“Well, I brought plenty of rubbers too,” Brian replied, with a sexy grin making Justin laugh.

When both men were finally on the plane and sitting comfortably in their seats, Justin made a suggestion, “Wanna fuck me in the bathroom, Brian”?

A little shocked but not surprised, Brian said, “Can’t you at least wait until after take off?”

“I thinks so,” Justin said, rubbing his crotch, “I can’t believe how hard I am, we fucked twice today already.”

Brian rolled his eyes, and jokingly said, “Teenagers.”

Some time later when the plane was in the air, Justin made his way to the toilet with Brian hot on his heels.

When they both got inside, no one had paid any attention to them going in together, Brian lifted Justin’s leg onto the toilet seat after Justin had pulled off his cargo pants and briefs, and knelt down in front of him. After parting Justin’s butt cheeks, Brian made quick work on preparing him, “I’m ready now, fuck me Brian,” Justin whispered.

After sheathing his cock, Brian put his hand over Justin’s mouth and pushed all the way inside. Justin felt his whole body heat up, and if Brian’s hand weren’t over his mouth the moan that was stifled in response, may have been heard by all aboard the aircraft.

“Good job I covered your mouth, sunshine,” Brian whispered into his ear before he began thrusting, “Or they might have heard you in Adelaide.”

After a great fuck in the almost cramped toilet, both men made their way back to their seats, “How long do we have left in the air?” Justin asked.

Looking at Justin as if he had two heads, Brian told him, “We aren’t even in the air an hour yet, about six hours or so. Perhaps you should take a nap,” Brian suggested, sarcastically.

“I don’t want to take a nap,” replied Justin. Why would he want to take a nap, he wasn’t a fucking dog or cat. Or even a baby, he thought to himself as he sat back in his chair.

“Well I’m reading,” Brian said before pulling a book out of his carry-on. Justin noticed J.J Murphy was the author of the book, according to the writing on the front of it.

Despite himself Justin eventually did fall asleep, about ten minutes later.

“I gave you less than hour, in my head,” Brian said, to Justin’s sleeping form.

A few hours later, Justin woke up. After stretching his arms and legs out, Justin asked, “How long left now?”

Brian responded, not taking his eyes from the book he was reading, “Two or three hours, depending on traffic.”

Justin burst out laughing, “We’re not on the road Brian, we’re in the air.”

Brian looked over at Justin, “I know where we fucking are, Justin. Wait, what did I say anyway?” he asked.

“You said we would be here for another two or three hours, depending on traffic,” Justin informed him.

“I was just so hooked on this book, I guess I momentarily forgot we are in the air. This book is incredible, Justin. You should read it some time, after I’m done of course. You would enjoy it. It turns out The Quiet Man was made over the summer of 1951, and is adapted from a book by a guy name Maurice Walsh called ‘Green Rushes’, and it’s set in Ireland 1927. Apparently the fishing scenes were shot on the Cong River, but the fight scenes and the thrashing were filmed at Ashford farmyard and at the monastic grounds of the old Augustinian Abby in Cong,” Brian told Justin.

“I remember I liked the scene when Maureen was herding the flock of sheep,” Justin said.

Brian thought for a moment, “The book say’s that the shots of Maureen herding the sheep were filmed on what is now the third fairway of Ashford Castle golf course, and it wasn’t the legendary Lassie that was helping her but a sheep dog named Jacko, lent by a local farmer.”

“Oh. Who’s Lassie?” Justin asked.

“Who’s Lassie?” Brian repeated Justin’s question, “Lassie is a fictional female Collie dog character created by Eric Knight in a short story expanded to novel length Lassie Come – Home. It was published in 1940, Knight's novel was filmed by MGM in 1943 as Lassie Come – Home,” Brian informed Justin, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Clearly,” replied Justin, “What else does your book say? Lassie aside,” Justin asked.

“Plenty, it’s very informative. The director got many of the locals, who actually volunteered, to be extras in many of the scenes including the infamous fight scenes. Also, the entire cast stayed at Ashford Castle. We will be staying there for a few nights as well, I already told Cynthia to make us reservations,” Brian said.

“I’m very excited about going to Ireland, Brian. I can’t believe it’s really happening, you know. The closer we get to it, the more excited I feel,” Justin told him.

“Yes, it’ll be the best time ever,” Brian said, noticing Justin looking at him in a way that was only for him.

Justin leaned in closer, and whispered into Brian’s ear, “The best time ever, is when you’re inside me. Nothing will ever top that.”

Shifting in his chair to get into a more comfortable position, Brian leaned his head in next to Justin’s on the chair, “I love nothing more than filling your tight hole with my cock, sunshine. Fancy another trip to the men’s room?” He asked.
Needless to say, Justin didn’t need to be asked twice.

Not too many hours after another great, but cramped, fuck the boy’s were told to put their seat belts on because the plane would be descending.

After the plane landed at Shannon Airport in Dublin, and the boys got their things together, Brian was told at the information desk where his car would be waiting for him.

In Ireland

The boy’s set off to Co Mayo, it would be a good two to three hours on the road with a lot of gorgeous scenery to take in.

Justin had brought his camera, and was taking a lot of photos when Brian asked, “Why don’t you leave some film for other things too. You’ll waste it all on the grass.”

“If you must know, I was taking photos of some of the cows so I can sketch them some time. You know what cows are, don’t you?” Justin asked sarcastically.

Not taking his eyes of the road, Brian replied, “Sure I do, one of my kids mother’s is a cow.”

Justin laughed, “Plus, there’s other things too. Cottages, barns and I’ve photographed some buildings as well,” Justin said, “I really love how Irish everything feels, it’s just all so green here, and I love everyone’s accent too,” he added.

Brian decided to turn on the radio, “Let’s see what the radio stations are like,” he suggested.

“They probably only play Sinead O’ Connor or U2 in this country, all the time. Apparently they are the best musicians here,” Justin said, “Unless of course they still play Thin Lizzy, which I’m sure they do. Or perhaps Westlife,” he added.

Now Playing: ABBA – Mamma Mia

Both men looked at each other, and laughed.

“Ok, so perhaps it’s not all Irish singers they play here, but I bet we will hear those artists at least once before we go home,” Justin said.

One hour later, on a small side road that was empty of traffic, Brian pulled in and got out of the car, “I need to stretch my legs, take a walk with me Justin.”

A few minutes or so into the walk, Justin could see a big white wall.

After a small investigation, Justin discovered that the wall was built around a crumbled cottage, “ I bet that was a beautiful home for a beautiful family, a long time ago,” Brian said.

Justin had other ideas, “ I bet no one ever fucked against that wall before.”

Turning to look at Justin, Brian discovered his ‘ non boyfriend’ was naked.

After getting his two fingers wet, Justin reached round and slid them into his ass while Brian watched, “Come on, Brian. You know you want to. There is no one for miles, probably. So we won’t get caught,” Justin told his now heated up partner.

Brian didn’t need to be told twice. The sight of Justin’s ready ass sticking up in the air as he leaned against a wall was enough for him, “Your such a fucking turn on,” Brian replied.

Once naked, Brian dragged his leaking cock over the porcelain globes as he fished out a condom and some lube from his discarded jeans. Brian thought this was going to be the hottest sex he would have with Justin, ever.

The scenery was outstanding, with green grass and flowers everywhere. Long winding roads ahead with not a soul in sight, but plenty of sheep and cows. This was perfection, and really hot.

The scented flowers reached their nostrils, and it just felt like a small taste of Heaven to both men.

What made it especially hot for Brian, was Justin standing against a wall with his perfect ass in the air and his hole open, waiting for Brian’s cock to fill it.

“Do you want me to fuck you hard and fast Justin? The way you love it?” Brian asked as he sheathed his cock.

“Fuck yes, and I want to be able to scream as loud as I want to, without it being stifled because of your hand. Now hurry up and fuck me. I have gone too long without your cock in my ass,” Justin said.

After sheathing his cock, Brian slid inside Justin’s perfect hole, “Mmm yea, just like that Brian. Now don’t hold back, I want it hard and fast,” Justin said, as he pushed his ass further back into Brian’s cock, Brian fucked harder, like was requested of him, and reached around to stroke Justin’s cock in time with his thrusts.

It wasn’t long until he came inside the condom, with Justin mere seconds behind.
“Was that good enough for you, Mr Taylor?” Brian asked, jokingly.

Turing around and facing Brian, Justin wrapped his arms around Brian’s neck and pulled him into a kiss, “As always, it was perfect,” he replied.

That’s when they could see what looked like a tractor, coming in the distance, “Fuck, get dressed quickly Brian,” Justin said as he practically threw his clothes on.
Brian did the same.

As the man got out of his tractor, and approached them, Brian and Justin pretended to be really taking in their surroundings, “And I really love how unique it all looks from here,” Justin said, as the man approached them.

Liam and Sinead

“Hey boy’s, great weather we’re having isn’t it?” The stranger asked, “I’m Liam, by the way. It’s always lovely meeting new folks, what brings you to this neck of the woods?” Liam asked, as he offered his hand to Brian, and then Justin.

“I’m Brian, this is Justin. We’d been cooped up driving for too long, and thought we’d go for a walk. It’s so beautiful out here,” he told the man.

“Ah, you’re an American, welcome to the greenest place on earth,” Liam said, before laughing, “Many Americans love Dublin.”

“Actually, we’re just passing through,” Brian said, “We’re heading to Cong in Co Mayo.”

“I was just taking the short cut home, which is why I was passing through here,” Liam told them, “Have you both eaten lunch yet?”

Justin answered, “No, can you tell us of a good place to go”?

“Well my wife makes a great sandwich, if you are interested. I just live two miles down that road. I’m guessing that car across the way belongs to you both,” Liam said, gesturing towards Brian and Justin’s parked car.

“It does,” replied Brian, “And we’d love to join you for lunch,” he added.

As Liam left, Justin said, “Have you lost your fucking mind, Brian? He could be a fucking serial killer or anything.”

“Don’t worry sunshine, I’ll protect you,” Brian said, as he walked in the direction of their parked car.

Justin quickly followed, not amused.

“There’s nothing wrong with excepting a little hospitality from a little old Irish man, Justin. Besides, we do need to eat and it will be a nice experience. I’m certain he’s harmless, so don’t worry,” Brian assured Justin.

Brian and Justin followed Liam to his small cottage, in what seemed like a very short journey.

The entrance had a ‘Welcome Everyone Except Debt Collector’s’ wooden sign, which clearly amused Brian, “What? I think it’s funny,” he said, when both men looked at him questioningly.

“I’m glad you do,” Liam told him, “I wanted the one that said ‘Keep Out Unless You Have Money To Give Me’ but the wife wanted this one.”

Justin really loved all the plants, flowers and gorgeous garden furniture he could see. It was just like something you would see on television, he loved it a lot, “You’re garden is amazing,” he said to Liam.

“The wife has green fingers, and loves spending my money on garden knick-knack’s,” he told them both, “This way, she’s expecting us.”

When they entered the cottage Brian thought it looked very homely, a little small but very homely, “It looks so beautiful in here,” he said, to no one in particular.

“Thank you,” said a soft female voice, “You must be Brian and Justin, I’m Sinead. It’s great to meet you both,” Sinead said, before taking each of the men into a hug.

Liam kissed his wife, “Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t get away from Seamus. What grub do you have for lunch today?” He asked his wife.

“I stocked up on tuna, mayonnaise and sweet corn. How about that inside a wrap”? She asked them all.

Liam, Brian and Justin all said yes.

Brian, Justin, Liam and Sinead talked a lot during their lunch, “So Liam told me you are going to Cong, that’s where my faverouite film was made. I love The Quiet Man so much,” Sinead said.

“It’s a great movie, I only watched it once but it definitely had a lasting effect on me,” Justin said.

“I loved the way the old man was being read the last rites, and then when he heard about the fight he made a miraculous recovery,” Brian said.

“Or when Mary-Kate tried to slap Sean across the face because he kissed her, I always laugh at that,” Sinead told them all, laughing, “Ah, it’s a great movie. And the locations are stunning, especially in the summer time,” she added, “You ever been before?”

Both men said no, “You’ll have a great time, and don’t worry, everyone is very open-minded here, we except tourists of any race, religion, colour and sexual orientation,” Sinead said, winking at Justin.

A little while later Brian and Justin hit the road again, but not before being given a big basket full of refreshments, “Just in case you fancy a snack, or get thirsty,” Sinead had said.

“Such a beautiful couple,” Justin said, “You can really tell they are very much in love, the way they looked at each other the whole time. It was beautiful, wasn’t it Brian?”

“Yea, I guess,” Brian replied, “I think she knows we’re fucking.”

“I think she thinks we are in love,” Justin corrected.

“I think we should go back and correct her,” Brian replied.

Justin smiled, but said nothing more on the topic.

About two hours later they saw the ‘Welcome To Cong’ sign, and Brian was never so happy, “I am so glad we are here, now just to find Dannaghers hotel. According to the map, its just a few miles from here,” Brian said.

When the boy’s arrived at the location, they could only see what looked like a big green farmhouse, “Let’s go inside, and see if they can tell use where the hotel is,” Brian said, after looking round the perimeter.

After going inside, both men saw a sign that said ‘Dannaghers’ and rang the bell for attention.

At Dannaghers Hotel/B&B

A lady came up to them, from behind, “Can I help you, boy’s?” She asked.

“Yes, we’re looking for Dannaghers hotel,” Brian said.

The woman smiled, and raised her arms out to from her sides, “Welcome to Dannaghers. We’re not a hotel anymore as such, just a small farmhouse. Locals still insist on calling us a hotel,” she told them, “Long story short, about ten years ago a man staying with us accidentally set fire to his room and much of the upstairs got burnt. We had to relocate our business to here, this happened at the other side of town,” She added.

Justin said, “I hope no one got hurt.”

“No, thankfully it happened during the day, so the people staying with us were out exploring,” the lady said, “Anyway, we moved our business in here while we were waiting for renovations and then we just decided to stay. We love it here now, and the greenery is so much nicer,” she added.

“So, you must be the Kinney’s, is that right?” She asked.

“Oh, yea,” replied Brian, “We are staying under the name Kinney.” Justin smiled,
Inwardly, he liked how Justin Kinney sounded.

“I’ll show you to your room, gentlemen. Oh, how rude of me. I’m Eileen,” the owner said.

“Well, come on Mrs Kinney. Our room awaits,” Brian said sarcastically, to Justin.

Eileen started laughing, “Forgive me, it’s just I sensed sarcasm behind your voice tone. It reminded me of someone I used to know,” she said.

Meet Ruairi

Continue on to Part Two
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