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Title: Falling For Grace Justin
Author: Yvonne Reid
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Genre: Alternate Universe
Beta: Thanks with all my heart Judy [livejournal.com profile] bigj52 for your hard work.
Banner: A special thanks to my darling friend Ali [livejournal.com profile] britinkinlor who made the smashing banner for this.
Disclaimer: I have read on someones journal that disclaimers are something we use so we don't feel guilty about borrowing the charcters. I DO NOT feel guilty lol. Even though Brian and Justin belong to Showtime and Cowlip, and the plot of my story belongs to the writers of the Gale Harold movie FFG.
Feedback: You know, I would love to know what your thoughts are on my turn of events. So yea, do say something. It would motivate me alot I think.

Summary: Brian Kinney is holding an end of year business party at kinnetic and Justin is at the party with his parents, who own Taylor electronics. Ted believes that they are the Taylor's that own an empire (Ted can some times pick things up wrong, right?)
Brian takes Justin home the next night. Someone finds out about Justin's true identity (can you guess who? lol) and takes great pleasure in telling Brian. How will Brian react?

A/N: The only thing I own is the made up version of this. The plot does belong to the writers of Gales movie Falling For Grace, which is my fave Gale film. I changed alot as you can see when you read it, but the plot is the same. Part two, soon.

The party was really alive when Justin entered the room. Many faces he had not seen before were there and also many he had.

This was the end-of-year business party, and Justin was there with his parents, Jennifer and Craig Taylor, who owned the Taylor Electronics store in Pittsburgh. It was quite a well-to-do business, and the Taylors were quite well known. But they weren’t as well known as the other Taylors, who were known for having many businesses worldwide.

Sometimes Justin envied them, and their only child, who ironically was also called Justin, and just happened to be the same age as him.

Justin stayed as close to his parents as he could. Craig had warned him to not leave his sight, especially since the boy was only seventeen and Craig didn’t want him drinking alcohol, getting drunk and embarrassing him and his wife. Besides, it could be bad for business, especially if word got around he couldn’t even watch his own son.

Justin wondered why he even bothered coming when he could have stayed at his friend, Daphne’s house. It’s not like she didn’t offer.

A loud noise got Justin’s attention, and he looked over into a small crowd of people gathered by the piano. That’s when he first saw the man he would later know as Brian Kinney, owner of Kinnetik and the most beautiful man he had ever seen.

“For fuck sake, Theodore, how many have you had?” Brian asked his accountant friend, while laughing.

“I haven’t even started drinking yet,” replied Ted. “And whose idea was it to put the piano in here? I thought it was to decorate the foyer.”

“Yeah it was, but Cynthia thought it would look better in here. Besides, you would have seen it if you paid attention to where you were going. What the fuck were you looking at anyway?” Brian asked before he took a sip of Beam.

Michael, Ben, Emmett, Lindsay, Melanie and Debbie were also curious.

“I was looking at Justin Taylor. He doesn’t look like what I was told he looked like. Instead of being the skinniest, ugliest-looking dork a person I ever laid eyes on, he’s actually quite hot,” replied Ted.

Brian smirked. “Let me be the judge of that. Where is he?” he asked, feeling confident as usual.

Ted gestured across the room, and that’s when Brian Kinney first set eyes on Justin Taylor, son of Craig and Jennifer Taylor of the Taylor Electronics store in Pittsburgh.

“He is hot,” said Brian after placing his glass on top of the piano, before he slowly made his way over to where Justin was standing.

Justin watched as Brian approached him, “I bet you get as bored as I do attending these functions, I’m Brian, Brian Kinney,” he said. “And you are?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“Justin,” replied the blond. He was very aware of who Brian Kinney was. His dad often spoke of a ‘Brian Kinney’, but Justin had no idea he was so hot. “Um, Justin Taylor,” he continued.

Brian offered his hand, and Justin shook it, both men not taking their eyes off each other.

Craig spotted the interaction, and smiled. He knew, or thought, that Justin was seeing Daphne Chanders, and that Kinney wouldn’t touch his son. So he trusted Brian to be alone with Justin, if they went off together.

“I was actually going upstairs to get something, and wondered if you’d like to accompany me?” Brian asked, with a grin on his face.

Justin looked subtly at his father, who gestured to him to go ahead, and he said, “Sure,” and followed behind Brian.

Brian and Justin walked past everyone in the room, and entered the hallway. “I think we should take the elevator. There’s too many stairs to take and we should conserve our energy,” said Brian.

Justin wasn’t lost on the innuendo behind what Brian said, and smiled.

“Of course, Mr Kinney.”

Once inside the elevator, Justin looked straight ahead while Brian slowly took in his form. This didn’t go unnoticed by Justin; he could feel his body heating up with Brian’s eyes on him.

When the elevator stopped, Justin exited it first and Brian took that time to check out his ass. He could feel his cock getting hard. He followed very slowly, so as not to draw attention to the problem he just gave himself.

When they got to an office door, Brian opened it with keys he had taken from his trouser pocket, and they walked inside.

The door automatically shut behind them.

As Brian walked over to the desk, Justin took that time to check out his ass. He had never seen an ass hotter than Brian’s. There was nothing subtle about the way he stared at it, and Brian smiled, knowing he was being checked out.

“Enjoying the view?” asked Brian, as he turned and caught Justin looking.

Justin looked up quickly. “I umm... I was looking around the room. Yeah, it’s a great view,” he said, before looking away, embarrassed.

Brian put what he came into the office to get, into his pocket, and walked over to where Justin stood.

Stroking Justin’s face, the softest skin he had ever touched, Brian said, “It’s ok to check me out. I was checking you out in the elevator,” he told him.

Justin shivered. “And?” he asked, curious to know what Brian thought.

“I liked what I saw, just as much as you liked what you saw,” replied Brian before leaning in to kiss Justin.

Justin felt stunned at first. He had kissed a few guys in his year at school, but this guy was a man who Justin guessed must be at least thirty-five.

Brian reached his hands around the back of Justin’s neck, and pulled him in tighter to the kiss. His tongue sought entrance into Justin’s mouth, and immediately gained it.

Justin had never been kissed like this before, and quickly found his hands going around Brian’s neck.

Justin’s cock nearly burst through its confines, as Brian kissed him harder.

Brian moved his hands from Justin’s neck all the way down his back slowly, until they reached his ass. Justin mirrored this action, and both men squeezed and caressed each other, while pushing their crotches together.

Brian pulled back from the kiss. “I think if we don’t stop here, we’re going to come in our pants,” he told Justin. “And as much as I would love to do more, tonight isn’t the right time or place.”

Justin agreed. He was about ten seconds from coming before Brian stopped. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Brian took a card with his number on it from his trouser pocket, and gave it to Justin. “Here’s my number. Call me some time and we can finish this.”

Justin took the card and put it in his back pocket. “I’ll hold you to that,” he told Brian, before Brian leaned in and kissed him again.

After both men arrived back downstairs, Brian went over to his friends, while Justin stood close to his father.

Michael was the first to speak. “So you fucked Justin Taylor, huh? His father owns an empire. You know that, right? He’s the richest kid in probably the whole of America. Although, everyone says he’s really ugly, but he’s not that bad,” remarked Brian’s best friend.

Upon hearing this Justin thought to himself ‘Brian thinks I’m ‘that’ Justin Taylor. Fuck!’

The Next Day

After telling Daphne about the events from the night before, Justin took her outside to sit by the small swimming pool in his garden with cool drinks.

“He thinks I’m Justin Taylor,” said Justin.

Daphne looked confused. “You are Justin Taylor,” she replied.

Justin looked at her. “No, he thinks I’m the Justin Taylor whose family owns an empire. The son of the man who has many businesses everywhere. Instead, I’m the Justin Taylor whose dad has a small stupid electronics business in the town,” replied Justin.

Daphne laughed.

“This isn’t funny, Daphne. I don’t know what to do. He gave me his number and told me to call him some time so we could finish off what we started at his office. Or someone else’s office. I don’t know. What do I do, Daphne?” Justin asked.

“You do the only thing you can do. You tell him the truth,” Daphne told her friend.

“The truth is I’m a goddamn liar,” Justin told Daphne.

Daphne sat close to Justin, “You didn’t lie. It’s not like you confirmed you were the Justin Taylor whose family is loaded. You just said you were Justin Taylor. If you want my advice, forget about him and come out with me tonight. I heard about this place called Liberty Avenue. April and a few others said they went there at the weekend. Apparently it’s a gay man’s heaven, so you’ll fit right in,” laughed Daphne, as she pushed Justin into the pool.

That evening, Justin called his mother to let her know he would be staying at Daphne’s house that night.

The Cab to Liberty Avenue

Daphne paid for the cab fare to Liberty Avenue for her and Justin.

“Wow! It looks like it’s ready to have a parade or something like that. It has so many flags,” Justin commented when they were on the street.

“So, what will we do first?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Daphne, “There’s a diner over there. We can grab a bite to eat before we start exploring,” she suggested.

Inside the Diner

“I couldn’t believe how many zits he had on his ass. I felt like playing dot–to-dot rather than fucking him,” remarked Emmett, eliciting laughter from the others.

“So what did you do?” asked Ted, who was completely hooked on the story.

“I fucked him,” replied Emmett, “He still had a hot body,” he continued with a serious look on his face.

“What’s that saying?” Brian asked, “Oh yeah, No one looks at the mantle when they are poking the fire,” and they all laughed again, including Brian.

“As if you’ve never fucked an ass with zits before. You fucked nearly every ass in the Pitts. Some were bound to have had some zits,” commented Emmett. “Maybe not as many as Herman’s,” he added, getting more laughter from his friends.

Brian rolled his eyes before he looked at the diner door as it opened, and saw Justin enter with a girl. Brian guessed they were the same age.


“I didn’t bring a lot of money, Daph. Can you buy the food? I’ll pay the next time,” Justin asked, as they entered the diner known as ‘Liberty Diner.’

“Uh, sure Justin. No problem,” Daphne replied.

Once inside the diner, Justin glanced around before heading up to the counter. There were a few people there, but someone quickly took their order.

“A table should be ready shortly, sunshine,” the red-haired woman told them both, as she looked at Justin.

“There’s a few places at our table,” said a voice from behind them all. “We’d be more than happy to let them sit with us.”

Justin looked round and saw whom the voice belonged to. “Brian, what are you doing here?” The question was out before Justin realised he had asked it.

“It’s a diner. I’m hungry,” replied the brunet.

Justin swallowed hard. “I meant I’m surprised to see you,” he continued.

“This is my friend, Daphne. Daphne, this is Brian Kinney.”

Brian took Daphne’s hand and kissed the back of it. “It’s lovely to meet you. You look beautiful,” he told her.

Debbie glared at Brian. “They will do just fine at another table. Oh look, table eight has just become vacant,” she told Brian as she made her way over to it, to save it from the couple who were about to take it.

Both Justin and Daphne looked at each other, before looking over to where Debbie was now standing.

Brian smiled at Justin as Justin looked at him, “Come on. You can sit at our table,” he told them both.

Feeling defeated, Debbie mumbled, “Fucking asshole,” and plastered a big smile on her face, “Ramon and Joshua, what’ll it be?” Debbie asked as she gestured to the two men she had refused the table to, to now take it.

When Brian and Justin, along with Daphne got to Brian’s table, Brian told them both to sit in the chairs that had just become vacant, due to Ted and Emmett leaving.

“Thanks, Brian,” said Daphne after she sat in the booth.

Brian introduced Justin and Daphne to Michael. “Ah yeah. I remember seeing you at the party last night at Brian’s work. So you are the infamous Justin Taylor? It’s great to finally meet you. And you also, Daphne,” Michael told them.

“So what brings you to this humble part of town? I would imagine someone like you wouldn’t be seen dead here. You’re from Tribeca, right? That’s all the way in New York. Do you come to the Pitts often? I imagine with all the money your father makes, you and your family probably have homes everywhere. Am I right?” Michael continued with the questions.

Brian saw that Justin was looking uneasy, so he decided to step in, “For fuck sake, Michael, leave him alone. You’re making him nervous. Go and see if their food is ready,” Brian said, looking at Justin, and rolling his eyes.

“Maw’ll bring it over when it’s ready,” Michael said, sulking because he didn’t like it when Brian spoke like that to him, especially in front of people.

Just then Daphne’s cell rang. “Justin, I got to take this. It’s my mom,” she said, before getting up and walking outside.

Seeing the way that Brian and Justin were looking at each other, Michael decided to go to the men’s room. “I’m going to the men’s room,” he told them before getting up and leaving. Brian and Justin didn’t acknowledge his words and kept smiling, looking at each other.

“Sorry about Michael. He’s usually very nosey. He takes after his mother, Debbie, who you just met,” Brian said as he gestured to Debbie, who was bringing Justin and Daphne’s food just then.

“I heard that, asshole,” said Debbie as she placed Justin’s burger and soda along with Daphne’s fries and soda down on the table.

“And this is on me,” Debbie told Justin. That afternoon she had heard all about ‘Justin Taylor’ from Michael, who had told her about Brian taking him away to fuck him last night at the Kinnetik party.

“Um, thank you,” Justin said. He was actually happy about not having to pay since he had no money, and Daphne had just stepped out.

Just then a song came on the radio. “What a shame. They’re playing Emmett’s song and he’s not here to listen to it,” Brian said and laughed.

Justin listened to some of the words.

“Ass up and pull those pants down.
(I had heard at one time he had a gown)

His hole is medium rare
& you won’t find a hair (stink)

This boy is a bottom (bottom bottom)
This boy is a bottom
A gutbucket bottom
He’s a ratchet-ass bottom.”

Justin laughed really hard, “You’re so bad, Brian.”

Brian shrugged, and said, “He’s a total bottom, and everyone who has had him said so.”

Daphne, who had returned to the table, captured Brian and Justin’s attention. “Justin, I got to go home. I just called a cab. Are you coming?” she asked her friend.

Looking a little disappointed which didn’t go unnoticed by Brian, Justin replied, “Yeah, I guess I should.”

“Why don’t you stay longer, Justin? I can get you cab later or drive you home myself, whichever you would prefer,” Brian offered.

“You can do that if you want to, Justin,” Daphne said. “But I really need to go.”

“I’ll stay. I’ll phone you tomorrow sometime. Ok?”

“No problem. Have a good night, Justin.” And after those words Daphne left.

Justin smiled and Brian could see a devious look in his eyes. “So, what did you have in mind to do with your night?” he asked Justin.

“I’m up for suggestions,” said Justin. “You can decide.”

“We could always go back to my place, and have a few drinks,” Brian said, knowing exactly what he wanted to happen once they got there, and it had nothing to do with drinks. Although it could help things move along a bit. Get them both more relaxed.

Justin smiled, and replied, “You lead.”

When Michael got back to the table, it was empty.

In The Jeep

On the drive to the loft Justin remained quiet, while Brian spoke of his work and how blessed he felt to be his own boss. “I can come and go as I please, which suits me just fine. Do you have any idea what you want to do yet? Any aspirations?”

“I want to be an artist, but my dad wants me to study business at Dartmouth. I have no interest in trade at all, so I’m not looking forward to telling him that,” laughed Justin.

“I guess I see where your dad is coming from. With the world-established trade he has, he most likely wants you to follow in his footsteps. Carry on the business, so to speak” Brian told him.

Justin smiled, “Yeah, I guess so.”

What Brian didn’t know was that he was not ‘that’ Taylor boy.

At the Loft

When they arrived at the loft Justin couldn’t believe how beautiful it was inside, considering the building itself outside looked like a dump.

“Wow, I never would have guessed your place was so nice, from the outside I mean,” Justin said.

“I only have the finest of everything here. It’s all top quality and imported. The kitchen, furniture, TV, everything. I worked hard to get the money that paid for it all, so I want only the best for me,” Brian said, “And that includes men too. Only men I feel worthy of my time make it through that loft door,” he added.

Justin smiled uneasily. He knew for a fact if he wanted to remain ‘worthy’ of this man’s attention and time, he would have to carry on being the Justin Taylor that Brian assumed he was.

“I’m thrilled to know you feel I am worthy of your time, Brian,” Justin said. If Brian knew the truth, he wouldn’t even be there, he thought.

Brian handed Justin a beer from the fridge, along with his own, and both men sat on the sofa.

A little while later after a few more beers, Brian decided to take the next step. “So Justin, why don’t we finish off what we started last night?” he asked before leaning in, and kissing those lips he had thought about all day.

Justin didn’t hesitate, and kissed him back.

All of the worries about being found out were forgotten... for now at least.

Brian manoeuvred Justin so he was lying on the sofa, on top of him, never once breaking the kiss. Justin grabbed onto the back of Brian’s head, deepening the kiss. He moaned as Brian’s tongue found its way into his mouth and fought with his own for dominance. Kissing his way down Justin’s neck, Brian lifted his top and licked his nipples, before moving to kiss down Justin’s stomach.

Justin’s eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open, as Brian licked his way inside the boy’s waistband.

“I need to taste you, now,” said Brian, before he pulled Justin’s cargo pants down, along with his briefs, setting free Justin’s weeping cock.

Justin opened his eyes and looked down at Brian. Was Brian going to suck his cock? he wondered.

Leaning on his elbows, Justin continued to watch as Brian took hold of his cock and licked around the head. Taking a deep breath, Justin felt a tingle in his spine he’d never felt before. Brian took Justin’s cock all the way into his mouth and slowly his head bobbed up and down. Very masterfully, Brian sucked harder, and fondled Justin’s balls making the teenager moan with pleasure.“Ahhh, Brian. That feels amazing, I love it so much. Oh God. Arrgh Brian.”

Brian’s hand’s roamed the length of Justin’s inner thighs, as he sucked faster. He felt Justin’s muscles contracting there, and knew it would not be long until he came. As if on cue, Justin shot a creamy load into Brian’s mouth. Brian ignored the taps on his shoulder, and words of warning from Justin that he was going to come.

After swallowing the sweet mouthful, Brian kissed his way back up to Justin’s mouth, to share any remains with him.

Kissing Brian hard and sucking on his tongue, Justin could taste himself and he quite liked it. Especially since it was coming from a really hot guy’s mouth. But not just any hot guy’s mouth... from Brian Kinney’s.

A few moments later, Brian sat back on the sofa and pulled the zipper down on his jeans. He then pulled his jeans down; he wasn’t wearing any briefs, and began stroking his cock, which was already hard. Justin felt his mouth water, and got into a kneeling position across the sofa, facing Brian’s cock. He studied it for a few moments, and bent down to lick the head. He had no idea what he was doing, so he thought about what Brian and done and took it from there.

Justin licked the length from the base to the head, and gently lifted it and put it into his mouth. He slowly sucked the head, getting it very wet with his tongue. Swirling his tongue around the head made Brian moan with appreciation, so Justin continued to do that for a while.

Brian rested his head on the top of the sofa, and his hand tangled in Justin’s golden hair. “Fuck, that’s good,” he declared, as Justin took more of him in. Brian began to thrust, causing Justin to gag. “Whoa, take it easy,” Justin said as he sat up on his haunches. “Let me take in as much as I can a little at a time. You’ll choke me.”

Brian looked at Justin, confused. “Do you have any idea how many men out there would love to choke on my cock, sunshine?” Brian asked. “More than you can probably count,” he continued.

Justin had a look in his eyes that Brian couldn’t quite place. Was it a look of fear? “Look, I’m sorry for doing that. You’ve obviously never given head before, have you?”

Justin looked up into Brian’s eyes. “I haven’t done anything like this at all. I’ve never even had sex before. You must think I’m a real loser.”

Brian leaned over and kissed Justin’s lips. “No, I don’t think that at all,” and then he reached in behind the cushion and grabbed a small bottle of lube.

“Give me your hand, Justin,” Brian said. When Justin did so, Brian put some lubricant in it and guided Justin into jerking him off. Both men looked deeply into each other’s eyes, as they did the task at hand. Brian wished he could throw Justin down and fuck him hard and fast, but he knew he would have to take things very slow. He didn’t want Justin’s memories of his first time to be painful. He remembered how painful his own first time was, and wanted better for Justin.

“That’s it, Justin. Just like that,” said Brian, as his hand wrapped a little tighter around Justin’s, and they continued stroking his cock together.

Justin looked at Brian’s cock in awe; he really wanted it in his mouth again. When Brian reached for the lube again, Justin decided to take his chance, and leaned down and took it into his mouth. Brian sat very still as Justin took it fully in, gagging only a little. Slowly his head bobbed up and down in Brian’s lap as he sucked it greedily.

“Oh yeah, that’s amazing, Justin. Fuck. A little faster. Oh God, Justin,” Brian moaned.

Justin did as he was told, and it wasn’t long before Brian pulled his cock away from his mouth, and came on his own chest.

“Why didn’t you come in my mouth? I wanted you to,” said Justin, feeling a little disappointed. “Here,” said Brian after coating his first two fingers with his come. “Suck on these.”

Justin smiled devilishly as he took both fingers into his mouth, and sucked on them wantonly. Brian watched as Justin sucked his fingers, and smiled. “I bet there’ll be no stopping you now. You look like you enjoy sucking as much as I do,” he told Justin.

Just then, Brian’s phone buzzed. “I’m willing to bet my loft that’s Michael,” Brian said.

After the beep he heard, “Brian, I looked all over Babylon for you. Where the fuck are you? Call me,” said the voice.

Both men laughed, after recognising who the voice belonged to.

“In fact, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he was on his way here now,” Brian told Justin.

“We should get dressed,” Justin said.

“I’m not opening the door to him,” Brian replied. “He’ll take the hint after knocking for possibly an hour, and leave.”

“Oh, ok,” replied Justin. “So what will we do next?” he asked.

“I was hoping I could take you over to my bed, and fuck you,” said Brian, before smiling.

“I’d like that very much,” Justin said. “Just don’t go too hard on me.”

“Scouts honour,” replied Brian as he walked over to the bed. Justin quickly followed.

Brian took his time preparing Justin with his tongue and fingers. “Oh god, that feels incredible,” Justin said, as he felt Brian go to work.

“This is just the starter,” Brian replied, looking up at Justin. “The main course is much better.”

Justin smiled. “When do we get to the main course?”

Brian grabbed lube and a condom from the dresser beside his bed. “Now,” he replied.

After putting on the condom, and applying a sufficient amount of lube to Justin’s hole, Brian slowly penetrated what would become his cock’s new favourite place. “Oh God, you feel so tight,” he said.

Justin clenched his teeth. “It hurts, Brian.”

“Relax, Justin. Take a few deep breaths; it will only hurt if aren’t relaxed. Look into my eyes, Justin,” Brian said as he began moving very slowly in and out of the blond.

Justin looked directly into Brian’s eyes. “That’s it, Justin. Look at me,” Brian said before leaning down to capture his lips and thrusting a little deeper.

Very soon, Justin forgot about the pain and enjoyed the cock that filled him. His moan, along with Brian’s filled the room until they came.

A little while later, after Brian cleaned them both up and got into bed, both men lay side by side looking up at the ceiling. “So was I as good in bed as you thought I would be?” Brian asked, before smiling.

“I’m going to have to wait until I have more to compare it to, before answering that,” Justin replied, and chuckled. “But it felt incredible for my first time. Better than I ever imagined.”

Brian thought for a moment, before saying, “You’re very beautiful, Justin. You’ll be able to get any guy you want.”

“Well, tonight I have the guy I want. But what if I want you in my future as well?” Justin asked.

Brian quickly turned and faced Justin. “You did not just say that,” he said, amused.

Justin turned his head, and faced Brian. “I did. It’s just that I like you, Brian. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. But I do.”

Leaning in closer, Brian stroked Justin’s face. “I think it’s time you knew two things about me, Justin. Number one - I don’t believe in love, only fucking. And number two - I don’t do repeats. But I don’t know if one time will ever be enough with you, so I think my ‘no repeats’ policy has been shot to hell,” Brian said, making them both laugh.

Justin looked deeply into Brian’s eyes. “I don’t think I will ever forget tonight, even if someone who fucks me better, comes along.”

Brian smirked. “You’ll never get better than me, sunshine. I’m the best there is,” Brian told him, before kissing him hard on the lips.

After pulling back from Brian, Justin smiled, “I think I believe you,” he told him.

“As well you should,” said Brian. “Now let’s get some sleep, unless of course you want me to get you a cab so you can go home,” inquired Brian.

Snuggling in closer to Brian, Justin replied, “Hell no, I’m staying here.”

Brian kissed the top of Justin’s head. “Good boy. I’ll most likely want to fuck you again soon.”

“As you wish, master,” Justin said, jokingly.

Brian did fuck Justin many more times through the night, with no complaints, of course.

The next morning, Justin woke up first. Lying on his side, he faced Brian. Justin thought that even in the slumber of sleep, Brian was still the most beautiful man he had ever seen.

(Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox - Boy is a Bottom http://youtu.be/s0kqobQRcUo is the video link to the song played at the diner when Brian refers to Emmett as a bottom boy. Despite what Emmett says. you should watch it. It’s very funny.)


Date: 2013-07-07 01:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] guavejuice.livejournal.com
awww... I LOVE these kind of 'comedy of errors' type stories and yours is no different, sweetie.
OMG Justin's first time here is priceless!!
Can't wait for more!
And thanks for your lovely dedication and the cute Willam reminder lo
*hugs you tight*

Date: 2013-07-07 02:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yvonnereid.livejournal.com
It was after all you who got me onto to Willam in the first place, and I wanted to dedicate it to you for that reason also.

I'm glad you liked the first part darling ~ Yvonne xx

Date: 2013-07-07 03:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 7wildwaysup.livejournal.com
That was a great start, but typical Michael already whining...

Later Darling ~ Kathleen

Date: 2013-07-07 09:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yvonnereid.livejournal.com
You can always count on Michael lol. Thank you so much for popping in to have a wee read Kathleen and leaving a comment :)

Much love ~ Vonnie xx

Date: 2013-07-07 04:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] later2nite.livejournal.com
Cute beginning. This is gonna be a great story. Falling For Grace is one of my favorite Gale movies, too.

Date: 2013-07-07 09:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yvonnereid.livejournal.com
Thank you so much, Linda :)

Your comment really made my Sunday night so much happier :)

Ps, I loooove this movie so much, Gale is sooooo hot in it hehehe.

Date: 2013-07-20 10:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bubbafrogz.livejournal.com
Curious to see where this is headed! Does it really matter to Brian if he's that JT or not? Great first time! Brian is so good, in more ways than one!


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