Aug. 24th, 2014

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Title: I Need You In My Life
Timeline: Season one Episode One (after the boys walk out of Babylon)
Rated: Any age I think (for this chapter)
Summary: Justin Taylor is a typical 17-year-old teenager spending a carefree night on the town with his best friend, Daphne; little does he realize, however, that before the night is over he will discover a unique talent that will not only save someone's life, but also have long-lasting implications for all those that he touches along the way.
Chapter: 6 of ?
Banner: Ali [ profile] britinkinlor made the gorgeous banner *loves her*
Beta: Judy [ profile] bigj52 thank you so much Judy *loves her*
Disclaimer: Cowlip and Showtime own the boys,I'm just using them for this story. No money is being made by me from this.
AN:It looks like I will be taking this down a supernatural road (It's not going to be a cross over with the TV series Supernatural) and I have had the banner replaced to match the story correctly,no disrespect intended to anyone. Thank you so much Kim [ profile] predec2 for the summary ;)

Previous Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Note: Sorry it took so long, already working on the last chapter.

Chapter Seven )


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