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Title: I Need You In My Life
Timeline: Season one Episode One (after the boys walk out of Babylon)
Rated: Any age I think (for this chapter)
Summary: Justin Taylor is a typical 17-year-old teenager spending a carefree night on the town with his best friend, Daphne; little does he realize, however, that before the night is over he will discover a unique talent that will not only save someone's life, but also have long-lasting implications for all those that he touches along the way.
Chapter: 6 of ?
Banner: Ali [livejournal.com profile] britinkinlor made the gorgeous banner *loves her*
Beta: Judy [livejournal.com profile] bigj52 thank you so much Judy *loves her*
Disclaimer: Cowlip and Showtime own the boys,I'm just using them for this story. No money is being made by me from this.
AN:It looks like I will be taking this down a supernatural road (It's not going to be a cross over with the TV series Supernatural) and I have had the banner replaced to match the story correctly,no disrespect intended to anyone. Thank you so much Kim [livejournal.com profile] predec2 for the summary ;)

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Note: Sorry it took so long, already working on the last chapter.

When Justin opened his eyes, he saw that his mom was sitting beside him.

Looking around the room he realised he was in a hospital, “What happened?” He asked, as he began to sit up.

Justin’s mom gently pushed him back down, so that his head rested on his pillow again, “You collapsed, Justin,” Jennifer Taylor replied, “You and Daphne went out last night to a place I haven’t heard of, called Liberty Avenue. Daphne phoned me to tell me you were here. Your father just left us; he has gone to pick Molly up from your aunt’s house. How do you feel?”

Justin felt a little bit disorientated, “I don’t know. I guess I’m OK. My head hurts,” he said.

Then something occurred to him, “Where is Brian?”

“Who’s Brian? Is he a friend of you and Daphne?” Jennifer asked.

“No, he’s...” What was he, his lover?

At that moment, Justin heard two doctors that entered the room talking, “…and they said some guy called Brian Kinney died. That the Babylon sign flew off the wall and crushed him. It was so sad, Dennis was heart broken. Apparently Brian was the stud of Liberty Avenue, and had promised him a great fuck some time,” the guy said.

Justin froze, “Brian,” he whispered, before screaming, “Noooo! He’s not dead I saved him. I got that vision and jumped in his path and knocked him away from the sign!” Justin yelled.

The two doctors rushed over to Justin, to try and restrain him, “Settle down son, you can’t shout like that on this ward, people are resting,” one of them said.

“Please, don’t let Brian be dead. He can’t be dead,” Justin said through gritted teeth as he was held down more forcefully, “Please, no. I saved him. He’s not dead. I was just with him,” Justin went on.

Jennifer agreed when told by the doctor’s that Justin should be sedated, even though the blond protested, “No, don’t do this please. You can’t let them do that mom, no. Please,” he pleaded.

“Justin, you must relax,” the doctor said before administering the sedation into his arm. Justin squirmed, “No, you can’t do this, no!” he said loudly.

After feeling the pinch on his arm from the needle, Justin waited for sleep to claim him with a gut feeling of something being very wrong. He wondered briefly if the events that took place could maybe have been a dream.

Opening his eyes a few moments later, Justin realised sleep had not claimed him, and he looked up at the faces of his mother and the two doctors beside her. Upon further notice, Justin saw Brian standing behind them all, “Come back to me, Justin. I need you. I need you to stay in my life,” he said, “Please Justin,” he added.

Justin closed his eyes again, and when he reopened them he was laying on the floor in the loft, in Brian’s arms, “Are you OK? I thought I had lost you there. What the hell happened, Justin”?

Justin sat up, and looked around, “I’m not sure. I dreamt I was in a hospital, and I heard two doctors say that you had died the night of my first vision. The night I saved you. I told them they were wrong, you were still alive and that I had just been with you. I was so confused Brian. I wondered if I had maybe dreamt everything that happened but then I saw you standing behind them and you said to come back to you, that you needed me in your life,” Justin told him. Looking confused, Justin added, “I don’t understand it’s meaning at all, but I can’t tell you how happy I am it was just a dream. When I felt I had lost you I…” Brian kissed Justin before he had the chance to finish what he was saying.

“Why couldn’t we just have met under normal circumstances, like you were standing under a street light when I first saw you and was captured by your beauty, and just had to have you right away”? Brian asked, after he pulled back from the kiss and looked into Justin’s eyes.

Justin thought for a moment, “Under a street light, huh? I like that. It’s kind of romantic.”

Getting to his feet and helping Justin to his, Brian said, “Tell anyone I said that, and I’ll deny it,” before they both laughed.

“Are you sure you are OK? Perhaps you should sit for a while. I can make us some coffee, if I have any. Or I can go out and get you some from that corner place at the end of the block,” Brian suggested.

“Brian, I don’t want coffee. I’m fine, just a headache. Some pain killers might help it,” Justin replied.

Brian marched off to his bedroom, and looked inside his bedside drawer for the needed items and brought them over to Justin, “Here. Oh, let me grab you some water from the fridge,” he told Justin.

“No need,” Justin said, after swallowing down the painkillers.

Justin sat on the sofa, “I hope it doesn’t take too long for the pills to work, my head feels really painful at the minute,” Justin said, after closing his eyes.

Hearing a gasp from Brian, Justin opened his eyes to see a vision in white standing before them both, “Brian,” Justin whispered.

“I see it, Justin,” Brian said, his eyes firmly fixed on a very familiar ethereal woman.

“You’re afraid of me,” the woman stated, “You have no need to be, I am one of you, Justin,” she continued.

“One of me?” Justin asked, feeling confused.

The woman walked closer to Justin and placed her hand on Justin's head, bringing forth memories kept hidden. Letting him know that the memories he had of his current life were placed there by powers that he didn't, until that time, know even existed.

Closing his eyes, Justin absorbed every detail given to him.

Upon Justin's memory returning, the scenery began to change around them both, “What's happening”? Brian asked.

“This is my world”, replied Justin, looking at Brian, waiting of his reaction.

“It's so beautiful here, like paradise,” Brian said, walking toward a very large open window.

As he entered onto the balcony the soft warm breeze blew the hair from Brian's forehead, as the full view of what was out there came into his sight.

Justin walked up behind Brian and placed his hand on Brian's shoulder, looking straight a head, “I can assure you, if you spend as much time here as I have, looking out there will get boring after a while,” Justin told Brian, before his hand dropped from Brian's shoulder and he turned and walked back inside.

“You get bored with this?” Brian asked, not talking his eyes from the view before him.

After hearing no reply, Brian slowly turned and walked inside to find Justin sitting on a very large bed of pure white linen, “Why did you bring me here,” Brian asked, “What's going on?” He added.

Justin patted the spot beside him, gesturing for Brian to sit. Brian sat next to Justin and waited patiently for him to speak, “Ever since I have met you Justin, nothing makes sense to me any more. I feel like I am living in a world that isn't real,” Brian said.

“As a human we are all given things before coming into the world. Five senses which are hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Some people are given a sixth sense which is seeing into the supernatural world,” Justin explained, Brian looked at Justin waiting for him to continue.

“My reason for coming to you when I did is because you blocked out one of those senses, can you guess which one that might be,” Justin asked sarcastically, knowing Brian knew the right answer.

“Yea,” Brian replied, “The night my son was born, it came back to me. I had forgotten how to love, it had been a long time since I ever felt it, if I ever really felt it to begin with. I felt more love from Debbie than my own God damn mother, can you believe that?” Brian asked, “I know she loved me, and still does. Vic too, and Michael I guess. But I never really loved them back, I cared about them but I don't think I ever really loved them,” Brian continued.

Justin changed his seating position on the bed, he was now kneeling, “Keep talking to me Brian, tell me more,” Justin asked.

Brian looked around the larger than large expanse of room before continuing, “There's not really much to say aside from what I have said, and what you already know,” Brian said.

“Okay, so you first felt proper love for a human when your son was born, is that right?” Justin asked.

“Yea, I guess. I think he's the only person I would be willing to lay down my life for. He is a part of me after all, right?”

“Right,” Justin replied, “Learning to love a child comes easy to a lot of first time parents, to others not so easy. You love Gus a lot, everyone can see that.”

“I do,” Brian told Justin, “And since I'm throwing all this feelings stuff out there, I also have strong feelings for you. I have never felt anything like this for any other man, not even in the earlier part of my past. Sure I have had feelings of lust for many men, but after the sex is over and they are gone, so is what I felt.”

Brian got up off the bed and went back over to the large window with the breath taking view, “You really get bored looking at all this, Justin?” He asked, changing the subject.

“Brian, this is important, please stay focused,” Justin demanded of the brunet man in front of the window.

“What do you want me to say?” Brian snapped, “That I have fallen in love with you? Why, so you can leave me and move on to your next subject? Brian added, turning to look at Justin.

Justin got up from the bed and walked over to where Brian was standing, “Brian, there will always be someone who has lost his or her way in life. Sometimes they are able to find their way back, you weren't. That's why you needed me to help you,” he said before reaching up to stroke the side of Brian's face, “I don't know if I can stay with you permanently because of what I do, but I know I want to,” Justin told Brian.

Brian leaned into Justin's touch listening to words, his subtle declaration, “I want that so much Justin,” Brian said.

Justin's hand crept slowly around the back of Brian's head, and he leaned in to kiss the brunet.

After pulling back Justin sensed someone behind him, “I knew it would be a bad idea to send you on this job,” Daphne told him.

“Daphne?” Brian asked, looking shocked.

“Hello Brian,” Daphne said, Justin and I work as a team. My memories were taken just as his were, whilst on earth. Once you both came here, I came too. I have been here for a while.”

Daphne turned to Justin, “Justin, I know how you feel about Brian, we all do. You can choose to stay on earth with him if you want, but you know what that will mean. Make a decision Justin, what do you want?” she asked.

Justin looked at Brian and turned back to Daphne....

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